Yes Milo Should be banned from Twitter

I saw a meme today posted with the hashtags #freemilo and #leftisthypocrisy. I’m not going to post the picture of the meme here because I don’t want it showing up on a google image search with my website attached to it, but it’s pretty simple. The photo doesn’t matter, but the text read:

“As a Private company, Twitter can refuse its service to anyone it wants. But Christian bakeries should be forced to bake gay wedding cakes.”

Referring to Milo whatshisface’s ban from twitter, insinuating that leftists’ views are so at odds with themselves and don’t they look silly now that this incredible truth bomb has been unleashed?

Well there’s a counterpoint. Keep in mind, I’m not saying anything about Milo, or the broader views he holds. Just the specific argument being made in this specific, popular meme.

Twitter’s not banning whichever users they want. They’re banning people for harassment. There are laws against harassment. The internet is still a gray area for how they could or should be applied, and there’s a whole debate to that. But banning a user because they’ve launched a malicious attack campaign against a celebrity, or any other user – saying things that would certainly get them in trouble if they were screaming them through the person’s window – is quite a bit different from refusing service for someone because of their sexuality. If Twitter’s banning someone solely because of his or her political views, that’s a problem, but that’s a grossly reductionist view of Milo’s Twitter ban.

This isn’t a culture war. There may be a culture war, but this only detracts from bringing it to an end. This is an invention by someone who makes a living off of your attention. Saying awful things comes with consequences. These weren’t vague statements misconstrued by an overly sensitive weeny. This was a concerted effort to hurt someone. To borrow a phrase from the right, “what ever happened to taking personal responsibility for the things you do?”

On the other side of things, Gays are not making concerted efforts to hurt anyone. They’re living their life as law abiding Americans. They should be treated like law abiding Americans regardless of anyone else’s religion. Just like black people, and Asian people, and ex-convicts, and republicans, and democrats, they should not be turned away from a private business on the basis of religious belief or personal sentiment.

Did I miss something? Do you have a better argument? Leave a CIVIL comment below and let’s talk about it.