Man Who Spent Hard Earned Money on Truck Nutz Wants to Give Opinion of Federal Reserve

Truck Nuttz
CHAMPAIGN ILL – 26 Year old Jeremy Hunt expressed strong opinions Thursday afternoon about ending the Federal Reserve and returning to the gold standard. Hunt, who had recently spent $20.00 on a pair of fake testicles to attach to the bumper of his pick-up truck, gave a short but direct critique of the complicated banking apparatus at the heart of US Monetary policies. Armed with a plethora of quotes he’d heard in a popular Youtube video, Hunt shredded the concept of central banking devised by some of history’s most respected economists and employed by every major global power. “Gold is real, it can be touched, it can be trusted. Without it, we’re all just trading paper” Hunt said with a astonishing lack of insight into how modern economies function. He would later confound even more disparate economic principles, including stock market bubbles, free trade agreements, and socialism into one issue whose sole remedy was the ending of the Fed. By lunch time, Hill had moved on to a new topic, saying, “They should probably make truck Vaginas for Chevies.”