The Score App Review – Great App or the Greatest App?

Football season is upon us and with it comes a whole new function for my already multi-tasking smartphone. I’m constantly checking football scores on autumn weekends (At both the professional and college level) and for a while, I was navigating through the bulky, ad-infested interfaces of NFL Mobile and ESPN apps. While those are great for news, video, and insight, they’re just not ideal for quick score and stat checks. That’s where The Score comes in.

The Score is a kind of special app for me. It was the first app I downloaded that truly impressed me. Back then (2010-ish?), it was called Score Mobile, and it really filled a void in the functionality I was getting from the aforementioned apps. It provided scores for not only NCAA football and the NFL, but also pretty much every other major league and sport, including the big four, Premiere League soccer, MMA fights, Fomula 1 racing, and Olympic events! In fact, I count 37 total leagues in sports ranging from soccer to lacrosse, to hockey, to golf.


On the league level, you can see standings, leaders, and news as well as scores for every game and the schedules for past and upcoming weeks.

On the game level, you can see matchups, get betting point spreads and over/unders, check player stats with live updates, and read a recap of the action afterwards. It’s pretty much all the information you’d ever need wrapped into one interface.

You can follow your favorite teams, and choose to receive notifications for a variety of updates including game starts/finishes, notifications for every score, breaking news, and more.

I love the granularity of this app. From choosing what order the leagues appear in your menu, to choosing the exact kinds of updates you want to receive for each team you follow, it gives you the kind of control that keeps the app relevant without overloading you with push notifications.

Considering the plethora of information involved in the app, everything remains super tidy and intuitive. Of all the apps I’ve ever had, this is typically the first one I add to my device when I get a new phone. Over the years, The Score has only continued to improve (Although I have to say I liked the Score Mobile moniker more.) and I look forward to seeing where they go next (Please, please, please just host your own fantasy leagues)

Anyway, I promise all my App Reviews won’t just be me gushing about how great the apps are, but for The Score, that’s pretty much all I have to say about it.