Philadelphia Sites: Shofuso Japanese House

Philadelphia Sites: Shofuso Japanese House

In Philadelphia’s incredible Fairmount Park sits the quiet and inviting Shofuso Japanese House and Garden. It’s a small but beautiful plot of land with a gorgeous replica of a traditional 17th century home. For a small entrance fee ($7.00 for adults when I went) you can take a walk through the home, stroll through the grounds, and watch the Koi Fish go about their business. Definitely an interesting and relaxing way to spend an hour or so some sunny afternoon.

Teahouse Pottery

Teahouse Inside

Tea House

The inside is cozy but never cramped. Everything has a very soft quality to it. You have to remove your shoes prior to entering, and are allowed to explore the different rooms at your own pace.

Tea House Waterfall CU

Pond Wide With Willow 2

The house was presented to America by Japan in 1953 as a gift following World War II.

Koi Fish

The property hosts a number of events throughout its season which lasts from April to October. You can learn more about the Shofuso House at its Wikipedia Page or at the official Japanese House Website

Authored by: Roger